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In this method, the epidermal puncture will inevitably generate additional injury potential.
Although the injury potential is truly minimal with airsoft guns, protective equipment is still crucial.
Parents or caregivers of teens with seizures and other neurological problems must consider all these issues when assessing their injury potential.
Vehicle speed, angles of impact, velocity changes as a result of impact, and myriad reconstruction details are necessary to evaluate injury potential.
The injury potential is scary, but the results were undeniable that it made a difference,' Bellotti said.
They are designed to help reduce the loss, damage, or injury potential within the situation or circumstance.
Sure, football is a great body-contact sport with a far greater injury potential than other sports and does require considerable manpower, but a ratio of about four scholarships per position seems feasible.
Mirka and his team went to furniture companies and videotaped workers performing various tasks, analyzed the injury potential and evaluated the companies' record of injuries from the OSHA data.
Wrenn KD, White SJ: Injury potential in "paintball" combat simulation games: a report of two cases.

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