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INLAND. Within the same country.
     2. It seems not to be agreed whether the term inland applies to all the United States or only to one state. It has been holden in Now York that a bill of exchange by one person in one state, on another person in another, is an inland bill of exchange; 5 John. Rep. 375; but a contrary opinion seems to have been held in the circuit court of the United States for Pennsylvania. Whart. Dig. tit. Bills of Exchange, E, pl. 78. Vide 2 Phil. Ev. 36, and Bills of Exchange.

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They strategically emphasized the names of their Kayanic allies in their origin myths, chronicles and royal genealogies, not only because of the Kayan's power to control other inlanders and to protect trade in forest products, but also because their "nativeness" legitimatized supremacy over rivals.
Nomad inlanders meanwhile Begin to cluster where the totem Of a certain vibrant egg-yolk yellow Or pelt of what emerging animal Acts on the straggler like a trumpet call To form a more sophisticated unit.
Nevertheless, inlanders and coastal people alike spoke in very similar terms about the significance of 'following roads', and of 'seeing who is who' by looking at roads and the settlements that they led into.
These Murutic peoples converted to Islam in the middle of the 19th century and moved their polities from coastal islands such as Tarakan, Mandul (Sembakung), and Pulau Panjang (Berau) to more inland areas, like Labuk (Sandakan), Sebuku, Malinau, and Bulungan, so as to ally themselves with inlanders, especially the warlike Kayanic peoples, to defend their forest-product trade in the hinterlands from other traders.
Thousands of sweltering inlanders took refuge from the heat in the cool 54-degree ocean waters of Malibu, prompting lifeguards to open up a dozen extra lifeguard towers, said Los Angeles County lifeguard Capt.