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UNESCO has been providing technical support to Myanmar, working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MoECAF) Myanmar and UNDP with support from the government of Norway to designate Inlay lake region which covers a total area of 489,721 hectares.
The inlay has undergone stringent performance testing and application vetting at the University of Auburn (UoA).
The Kamra inlay can be used to treat a wide range of patients including emmetropes, ametropes, post-LASIK patients and monofocal pseudophakes.
IDE, the company recently initiated a controlled commercial launch of the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay in both Europe and Asia.
Inlay work is a huge industry in the Agra region, and is usually seen on marbles and furniture.
2nd generation inlays comprise both an antenna and a micro-chip, together
With the successful acceptance and roll-out of DURASOFT-based inlays in many countries that are launching ePassport projects, SMARTRAC has established itself as the number 1 secure inlay supplier in the world.
Gold and silver inlay were first used in this year.
The special features include 17in polished alloy wheels, a choice of three unique exterior colours, and two exclusive interiors with tan soft leather and an aluminium inlay, or black soft leather with a carbon fibre inlay.
Coates: When I operate on a perforation that involves, say, less than 30% of the tympanic membrane, I use the tragal graft inlay method.
Ron Bemis of Eugene is reflected Sunday in a mirror made by Hudson River Inlay of Ossining, N.