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Objective: Humankind has always been on a quest to uncover the secrets of our universe and ``detect the inmost force that binds the world and guides its course~~.
Exploring the pain of secrets and things left undone, this book shows people for who they are both through their actions and their inmost beings.
In a note on the Marian hymn "Salve Regina," Merton calls it more than art or choral prayer: "It is a mystical cry from the inmost depths of fallen man.
Think Monkey derives from the neuroscientific insight that we do not have conscious access to what we imagine to be our inmost thoughts.
I don't know about you, but in this season of preparation and revelation - of nurturing the Christ-light in our inmost beings before bringing it to birth in order to serve this broken world - I've been asking hard questions.
And so, by reed and lake, where the twin Horses prance in discipline As, delicate in nose and leg, They wing the air and seem to beg Such loveliness to stay, by length Of alley in the sun's strength, By each invention and device That tames the mountains at a price You'll wander, and by flickered shade Of statues in a beech glade-- To let your inmost burden fall Blackly, under ilex pall.
There is another evil raging in the very inmost heart of human society, a source of dread to all who really think, inasmuch as it has already brought, and will bring, many misfortunes upon nations, and may rightly be considered to be the root cause of the present awful war," he wrote.
It came top out of these six cities inmost categories with 92% saying they liked living in the Welsh capital.
Given that the Church was forever preaching against "bad thoughts" (usually sexual) and that "God knew everything, even your inmost thoughts", selfcensorship was at least as effective as any possible sanction.
As inmost industries experiencing consolida-tion/globalization issues, there are three considerations that must be understood and mastered to become even better leaders:
No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that Rock I'm clinging.
Debt actually completes alienation by exploiting man's moral existence, social existence, and "the inmost depths of his heart" (p.