inmost nature

See: center, essence
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He was surprised at himself because he ceased to believe so easily, and, not knowing that he felt as he did on account of the subtle workings of his inmost nature, he ascribed the certainty he had reached to his own cleverness.
So Roos "entered into the inmost nature of a sheep.
Nothing could exceed the intentness with which this scientific gardener examined every shrub which grew in his path: it seemed as if he was looking into their inmost nature, making observations in regard to their creative essence, and discovering why one leaf grew in this shape and another in that, and wherefore such and such flowers differed among themselves in hue and perfume.
an innocent, and a search into her inmost nature is allowed.
actually preserved and deepened [the Church's] inmost nature and true identity" (xiv).
Much as he loathed determinism and thought any believable philosophy had to maintain that, "the inmost nature of .
Catholics also are not just individuals but members of a religious community; we are deeply relational by our inmost nature and this is true of our religious life also; it is not surprising since we are made in the image of God, and God is not one Person but three, a divine society.