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He notices (correctly) that the PS argument and the innateness hypothesis are related by logical implication (PS [right arrow] innateness), but he claims that the PS argument has no empirical support.
The SSSM is maintains that "the central concept in psychology [has been] learning," rather than innateness (1992).
For instance, the innateness hypothesis is a very complex phenomenon.
Innateness, spontaneity, inspiration, which I assimilate with the unconscious, with its most immediate manifestations which will then be controlled: on reflection, this is self-evident.
5) For a discussion of the implications of innateness theory, see Chomsky.
Her thesis is that Descartes had a unified conception of innateness.
With innateness and hard work, he was able to join the NBA when he was in high school, making him one of the youngest players ever to have played in the NBA.
The theory of binding has instigated a lot of empirical research aiming to substantiate Chomskyan innateness claims, and the role of Universal Grammar in language acquisition.
More challenging still, polls were showing a clear association between the innateness of homosexuality and support for same-sex marriage, that ultimate bete noire of the anti-gay forces.
Although these Native American religions were false and evil to Mather, their shared beliefs showed the innateness of knowing.
There's got to be an innateness about you, that you like the toughness and hitting people,'' Kerr said.
Goodman, 1967; Putnam, 1967) have usually dealt with the speculative component of Chomsky's argument, with his Innateness Hypothesis.