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Normal Findings: Normal motor and sensory NCVs and latencies when compared to a Table of Normal NCS Values; normal EMG of ulnar innervated muscles (1st PI, ADM, FDP D4-5 & FCU).
26), they report that the cranial aspect of LS was innervated by a branch from C3, with the caudal aspect innervated by C4 that combined with a C5 branch to supply the rhomboids in all four specimens.
Recently, we successfully detected several kinds of mechanoreceptors in the skin innervated by trigeminal neurons (cf.
Average vibration thresholds (+/- standard error) for areas of the hand innervated by the median, ulnar and radial nerves for tennis players and controls; showing the dominant and non-dominant arms combined for both groups.
Reconstruction was performed with bilateral sensate pedicled ALT flaps innervated by the lateral femoral cutaneous nerves.
In needle electromyography (EMG) APB, ADM, extensor indicis proprius (EIP) (all by C8, T1 roots and by different peripheral nerve innervated muscles) and some proximal muscles (biceps, triceps) were investigated.
Loss of sensation over the face has received little attention, primarily because the face is richly innervated by sensory nerves and it has been presumed that significant sensory loss is unlikely to occur over such an extensively innervated area of skin.
The nose is innervated by the first and second divisions of the trigeminal nerve.
Hereby it was found that the long peroneal muscle had been re-innervated by the superficial branch of the fibular nerve, whilst there was not only axonal but also severe myogenous damage (electrically silent muscles) to all the muscles innervated by the profound branch of the fibular nerve.
The drop of CMAP amplitudes in ulnar motor studies Rt -26% and left -15% gives a false impression of ulnar nerve compression at cubital tunnel but normal sensory studies, with normal DML and normal EMG of ulnar innervated muscle i.
Muscles innervated by the lower sciatic nerve control plantar flexion and dorsiflexion as well as inversion and eversion of the talocrural (ankle) joint and are therefore critical for standing balance and walking functions.