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The ruling that one industry lawyer called "a disaster" began innocuously enough last year, when a lower court reversed EPA's decision in January 2011 to void a 4-year-old permit held by the Spruce No.
Google spokeswoman Nadja Blagojevich said the service -- innocuously named the Inactive Account Manager -- was developed after users told the company they needed a way to deal with the issue of accessing data after death.
You can find the actual text of the cliff bargain--dubbed innocuously (and deceptively) enough as the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012--here, along with a checklist of how your own representatives voted.
Motherwell suffered a setback after 13 minutes when full-back Stevie Hammell was stretchered off and replaced by Tim Clancy after he seemed to be caught innocuously by Danny Swanson before crumpling in a heap on the turf.
And at the other end of the scale there's the poisonous dart frog, the size of your thumb and innocuously sitting on a leaf.
With the scores level heading into stoppage time, Kettering midfielder Aman Verma fired innocuously wide before coming into contact with Newport County defender Scott Rogers.
If reports from Congress are correct however, it appears that there may be a segment of the innocuously named "Tea Party" faction who either fail to understand the implications of a US default, or who welcome the chaos that it would precipitate.
They may harmlessly land innocuously on our skin to sip sweat.
It is a deadly mission that begins innocuously as teenagers Luke and Tommy revolt against having to read The Last of the Mohicans, a novel they declaim as 'the most boring book in the world'.
It started innocuously about his comedy spectacles and got out of control.
Coleman Valley Road starts innocuously, branching off the Bohemian Highway in Occidental and climbing through a forested landscape.
He fell rather innocuously yesterday in training and suffered the fracture.