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Officially designated innocuously as T- 50 for now, the Indo- Russian fighter will ostensibly match the American F- 22 Raptor, the only fifth generation fighter aircraft currently in service.
While court appeals of gun permit suspensions are not unusual, this case stands out because it involves a police officer and because it had been completely hidden from public view until the Telegram & Gazette began asking questions about the innocuously named case of "John Doe vs.
He said: "To do it so innocuously is soul-destroying and heartbreaking for everyone.
If ever there was a place to remind us of the dangers of allowing the continuation of racial stereotyping, however innocuously it starts, this is surely it.
His vision and range of passing was exemplary throughout, and it was his desire to keep a ball which looked to be drifting innocuously out for a goal-kick that set up Ferdinand.
But the works seem to do so only to reflect the very framing devices (photographic and social) that can enclose their subjects, whether innocuously or dangerously.
The law in question is the innocuously titled Deficit Reduction Act.
Inspired by Tarski these can be restated innocuously by stating a variant of "Socrates is human" is true because (if and only if) Socrates is human.
It started innocuously enough, when Robitaille ripped a slap shot from near the left boards that appeared to glance off the goal post or miss the net entirely.
He dreamed up the signal by which Woodward would summon him to a meeting (a flowerpot innocuously displayed on the reporter's balcony) and also hatched the countersign by which Felt could contact Woodward (a clock face inked on Page 20 of Woodward's daily New York Times).
Fowler, a possible strike partner to Michael Owen when England begin their Far East campaign against Sweden in Saitama on June 2, stumbled innocuously into the Rams' technical area.
Last time I interviewed Ms Goodyear I asked innocuously whether she'd ever get married again, at which point she jabbed a fish knife at my face, threatened to have me fired and said "Don't mess with me.