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BASF announces the name transition from HiStick to Nodulator as part of our effort to improve efficiency for growers and retailers by streamlining our products, said Ariel Gohlke, Brand Manager, Inoculants, BASF Canada.
On the other hand, Mills and Kung (2002) reported ADF concentration was unaffected by buffered propionic acid based inoculant compared to the control.
By tracking the so-called "hit rate" of the inoculant, the inoTECH system gives the operator increased control during inoculation.
The results of leaf chlorophyll content did not show significant differences among the treatments independently of the fungicide treatment, the time of application and the type of used inoculant.
The acquisition marks EW Nutrition's entry into the US, a market viewed as highly strategic for the German manufacturer of bioactive egg proteins, phytobiotic plant extracts, direct-fed microbials, silage inoculants, and market leader for egg immunoglobulin (IgY) technology.
1) T1--Wet forage, small particle, without inoculant; T2: Wet forage, small particle, with inoculant; T3: Wited, large particle, with inoculant; T4: Wited, large particle, without inoculant; T5: Wet forage, large particle, with inoculant; T6: Wet forage, large particle, without inoculant; T7: Wet forage, large particle, without inoculant + ppearl milet.
JPA began to sell Sil-All4x4 biological inoculant and Simon decided to try it three years ago.
The other half involves using the inoculant on pea varieties that have certain traits that make it easier for the bacteria and fungi to do their respective jobs of capturing nitrogen and phosphorus.
Prior to planting, the inoculant can be spread over wattle seed used in seedlings nurseries, or in direct seeding, allowing large areas to be replanted cheaply and easily.
We examined rhizobial diversity at these sites using the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technique with antisera to the inoculant strain WU95 to determine the presence of this inoculant strain and the randomly amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR) technique of Richardson et al.
In the inoculant business, the aim is to maximize the numbers of rhizobia.
Tenders are invited for Inoculant For Grey And Sg Iron.