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George Washington made a momentous decision to inoculate all new recruits and finally halt the pestilences progress.
The machine inoculates 100% of chicks quickly compared to the slower, less efficient post-hatch method.
The device uses a bulk broth to inoculate Alamar's panels, which have 168 test wells, in approximately one minute.
The federal government says it has enough vaccine on hand to inoculate the entire nation in the event of an attack.
Even with the county's plans to eventually inoculate all medical personnel and, if necessary, inoculate the entire population, there are still major shortcomings.
Ladle inoculation is the simplest and most flexible method to inoculate iron.
The Binghamton team collected forest soil to inoculate containers of sterilized soil and planted them with a lab strain of mustard.
Although various materials are used to inoculate flake graphite irons, ductile iron is almost exclusively inoculated with retro-silicon (FeSi) alloys containing 65-75% Si.
Deploying the company's Autonomic Network & System Administration (ANSA) platform, customers can systematically and persistently inoculate their cross-platform software vulnerabilities, well in advance of security breaches, to help preserve maximum computer system uptime, with minimal IT resources, resulting in a rapid ROI.
In experiments to infect and inoculate laboratory animals such as dogs, Pasteur and his team keep a loaded revolver within reach as they work on the sleeping beasts.