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It is as if poets, who wanted to become part of the literary-establishment order, had to write inoffensively.
As the 20th century got underway, Mexico appeared and offered itself as an ancestral country marked by endless roots and traditions that could easily and inoffensively be seen, admired, and enjoyed from the comfort of their modern railroad and hotel infrastructures.
Kymlicka's claim concerning appropriate political strategy might seem to some like an inoffensively pragmatic suggestion aimed at the successful advancement of Aboriginal claims, and one might even try to frame it as guidance for successful cross-cultural moral dialogue in which, in Taylor's words, we achieve a "meeting of very different minds, worlds apart in their premises, uniting only in the immediate practical conclusions.
16) Oddly, he joined the part of the decision that trashed the exclusionary rule, but he refused to join the part that had, comparatively inoffensively, likened this case to three other cases to bolster the majority's conclusion.
Though still inoffensively pretty in that dreamy-realistic way the Met favors for Wagner, the 1991 Otto Schenk production is showing its age.
He will behave and speak inoffensively, showing sound hunting principles and proper etiquette to nonhunters, children, future hunters, and beginning hunters.
Your preparation should also have armed you with calm, inoffensively phrased responses to the main objections or questions--say, "Yes, it's perfectly true: I made a mistake there and forgot to check with you what arrangements for outside labs you were planning.
A wise lawyer (now there's a contradiction in terms, but that's another topic), Lord Justice Sedley once said: "The freedom to speak only inoffensively is not worth having.
The writing and performances are slick enough to go down easily, the requisite forty-two minutes zip by inoffensively and there are early signs that there might be an inventive mind in the engine room.
Inoffensively saucy, quite old-style comedy is something that I hadn't done before and something that I definitely wanted to be part of
Emptying multiculturalism of political place, with the exception of Canada, reinforced essentialised ethnicity which then covertly, and inoffensively, reinforced mainstream privilege and prejudice.