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Moments of note included the wall art tribute to Polar Bear Agnew executed by undercover masters whom just might have included Aaron Murray, Smith, and cartel associates; Bagel attempting to fide away on his tricycle (which was inopportunely still chained to a lamppost); the Mayor posting up with Z-Boy personalities Cris Dawson, Jeff Ho, Nathan Pratt, Allen Sarlo, Bob Biniak and Paul Constantineau; the VSA 21-gun salute led by Drill Sargent Lewis; and the ultra art exhibition/party/ community outreach event at 27 Market Street, where the efforts of Block, James Muir, Ngoho, Chuck Katz, Susanne Melanie Berry, Ho, Hosoi, Oster, Olson, Wynn Miller, Vans, Venice Originals, Dogtown, and others were on display.
Putting his arm over my head he seized the phone on the bedside table and gave a discreet, courteous pull on the cord which had inopportunely got twisted around my neck and shoulder.
For Ferraris, it forced a return to San Francisco, after finally growing tired of her mother-in-law's inopportunely timed "heart episodes" that delayed each impending departure.
Similar adjustments are made when the pressure in the line decreases in which case (for a short period) more flow leaves the line than enters it, which can mask an inopportunely timed leak.
Shall we not conceive inopportunely by them, the accidents of our love forcing themselves to term and the longed-for fruits miscarrying?
Brown began with a plan and had a committed investor on board who inopportunely backed out at the last minute.