inordinate amount

See: redundancy
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It affords you then an inordinate amount of self-esteem.
She slid into the silence with a technicality, asking if John still took his old inordinate amount of sugar.
IS it just me or have there been an inordinate amount of burst water pipes recently?
THERE seems to be an inordinate amount of cars lately being in accidents and ending up on their roof.
John Patrick Shanley's new play, "Prodigal Son," lavishes an inordinate amount of attention on a sensitive 15-year-old working-class kid bearing a striking resemblance to the playwright, who says as much In a program note.
As someone who is keen to see the Welsh language kept alive but who is not happy with the inordinate amount spent on doing so I feel strongly that if money can be spared on something like this Welsh should take priority over Polish.
There's a nostalgic ache to the whole experience and the video features her spending an inordinate amount of time in her underwear.
People usually assume it is awash with money and certainly they seem to spend an inordinate amount of refitting offices.
It seems that the Trinidad authorities don't want to pay for the tickets, and are using the threat of Jack Warner - a man who holds an inordinate amount of power on the world stage - as a bargaining counter.
However, I have at times been put off by the inordinate amount of attention given to the actors on the show by CURVE.
I'm very concerned about the inordinate amount of violence, disorder and public nuisance associated with this pub," he said.
Managers are frustrated with the inordinate amount of time they spend collecting and synthesizing information in order to make decisions and take actions.