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He's assigned to veteran driver Jimmy (Todd Field, seen briefly in ``Eyes Wide Shut'' and even more briefly in ``The Haunting''), who's burned through an inordinately high number of rookie partners.
O'Sullivan had complained about an inordinately heavy workload in training which she felt had robbed her of speed and concentration in Hobart.
The league has charged that Parks interferes inordinately with the trial board process, grilling captains on decisions he considers too lenient.
Is it inordinately long for someone who is not a favored son?
There are brown dots all over the leaves, giving the plant a sickly look that is without justification since it is inordinately resistant to diseases and insect pests; these dots are merely part of the leaves' natural pigmentation.
When he first broke into the big leagues, with the Chicago White Sox, he swung at bad pitches, wore gaudy gold jewelry and seemed inordinately interested in his own statistics.
The girl who won with preternatural ease was envied for being inordinately blessed.