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The economy of the leaching reaction of magnesite mainly depends on the cost of succinic acid which may be regenerated by treating magnesium succinate with any inorganic acid thus taking advantage of selectivity without incurring cost penalties.
The US Food and Drug Administration classify many organic and inorganic acids as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) substances (AACC, 2000).
More importantly, the effects of four different inorganic acids on anticorrosion property of the composite coatings were studied by the ELS and Tafel polarization curve.
In the case of polymeric carbodiimides, the same specific steric isopropyl groups are utilized to selectively react with water and also low molecular organic and inorganic acid moieties at the high processing temperatures and application temperatures.
The method entails applying at least one powder coating dispersion to the substrate to form a film, and then curing the film by at least one of thermally and with actinic radiation, wherein the powder coating dispersion comprises a binder, a crosslinking agent, oxalic acid and a polyvalent inorganic acid.
Initially, investigators attempted to remove the inorganic mineral by using chemical reagents, with some studies showing that it could be removed from oil shale at a certain concentration of different inorganic acids [3, 4].