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ZigBee Input Device gives CE manufacturers a standardized way to create advanced mice, touchpads, keyboards, wands or remote control pointers that operate from greater distances and even nearby rooms.
The input device is normally provided with an RS232 or RS422 serial communication port.
Three areas of CAT are then covered; the first section is "Adaptations and Alternate Input Devices.
Walker, Evaluation of the cyberglove as a whole-hand input device, ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interface 2 (4), 263-283 (1995).
What data input device makes the most sense for your facility?
By achieving Golden Unit certification for both the ZigBee PRO 2012 and ZigBee Input Device, Freescale continues to demonstrate its leadership in ZigBee by delivering the latest protocols available from the ZigBee Alliance," said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale's Microcontroller business.
Ability to define special functions and enhanced performance beyond the standard behavior of a mouse, keyboard or similar input device - Supports operation with existing ZigBee Remote Control equipped HDTVs, set-top boxes and other devices as well as with existing computers - Native support for popular multi-touch and gesture commands, including pinch or rotation for touch pad devices - Simple push-button pairing makes devices easy to use - Smart, over-the-air updates and programmability options allow new features to be added to devices at any time
GreenPeak has achieved Golden Unit status for its ZigBee Input Device stack software and has also made its development platform available to its customers to accelerate integration and product design.
Don Bynum, president of ITAC Systems, states, "HAND-TRAK is designed for extreme environments, such as steel mills and machine shops, as well as military applications, where off-the-shelf input devices are prone to fail or misread at critical moments.
Avago's latest input device solution combines its AMRT-1410 Ultra-Compact Navigation Pad Module and AMRI-2000 Mobile Navigation Sense and Interface IC.
The price of a 3D input device is similar to a 2D conventional mouse.
Microsoft(R) Office XP(R) operating system built-in Handwriting Recognition engine requires a suitable handwriting input device to enable successful character recognition.