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In addition, the Kofax Document Exchange Server connects those document input devices to a variety of destinations through a single server.
The input device can be disconnected from the controller when programming is complete.
Thus, with regard to a meaningful and objective ergonomic evaluation of two different input devices, the comparison of only expert performance is methodologically reliable, as the specific motor programs necessary to properly use a specific input device are well established only when the late phase of skill learning is achieved, as in the case of the experts.
Basic components of computer systems are input devices, processors, memory, storage, and output devices including the monitor screen, sound, and printed text (Bentz, 1998).
The two basic functions of a Virtual Environment (VE) development toolkit are managing different display devices (such as head-mounted displays, stereoscopic projection displays and haptic displays) and handling input devices (such as motion trackers, dials and buttons).
When selecting a POC computer and data input device, you must understand how your software is configured and how the doctors and clinicians will maneuver through the applications.
By achieving Golden Unit certification for both the ZigBee PRO 2012 and ZigBee Input Device, Freescale continues to demonstrate its leadership in ZigBee by delivering the latest protocols available from the ZigBee Alliance," said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale's Microcontroller business.
UTRECHT, Netherlands -- GreenPeak Technologies, a leading Smart Home RF-communication semiconductor company, today announced its support for the ZigBee Input Device standard, which adds specific features to the ZigBee RF4CE specification for mice, keyboards, touchpads, wands, game controllers and other input devices.
Avago's latest input device solution combines its AMRT-1410 Ultra-Compact Navigation Pad Module and AMRI-2000 Mobile Navigation Sense and Interface IC.
The price of a 3D input device is similar to a 2D conventional mouse.
Avago's innovative input device solution combines its AMRS-2325 Mobile Navigation Pad Module and AMRI-1000 Mobile Navigation Sense and Interface IC.
This input device solution simplifies continuous scrolling and navigation of long lists or menus with the use of only one hand - making it an ideal solution for portable handheld devices.