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An external feedback capacitor is placed between the preamp output terminal and the HI input terminal of the electrometer (FIGURE 3).
Ring protection involves the signals at the first input terminal to be directed through a U-turn out to the second input terminal enabling a segmentation process at the damage area to be done.
The same input data were applied to the input terminal of the neural network and the response was calculated.
Consisting of a computer control center with data input terminal, the SP-Round Marker features a dot-matrix marking head with 5" x 7", 7" x 9", and 13" x 17" dot patterns, two DC linear actuators which provide X and Y motion, and an indexing/fixture table top.
Fitted with a DVB-ASI input terminal and four 3G-SDI output terminals, necessary for digital broadcasting systems such as a reception monitor for retransmitting 4K broadcast waves, the product will meet rising demand from broadcasting stations and various service providers in the wake of the start of experimental 4K broadcasting.
Wide-range DC power input (9 ~ 36V) with 3-pin DC input terminal block
5) with the two input terminal for the testing of ct part no.
It can play up to four distinct audio messages simultaneously, and it includes a background music input terminal block, which allows the same speaker system to be used for music.
This model comes with a printer and data input terminal, and operators can vary the platen temperature between 60 and 180[degrees]C.
2a input terminal enables individual displays to be daisy-chained through standard Display Port cable to create displays of up to 5 x 5 configuration without any external processing required.
Four models are offered for each instrument type, including a basic standalone instrument, one with a printer, one with a printer and a data input terminal, and one with Windows compatible PC software.