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Also in one place more where he went, the woman had the courage, however strange it was, to say No; and he could try nowhere but he was reproached with his pride, and that he pretended not to give the women leave to inquire into his character, and the like.
This being my case, I, who had a subtle game to play, had nothing now to do but to single out from them all the properest man that might be for my purpose; that is to say, the man who was most likely to depend upon the hearsay of a fortune, and not inquire too far into the particulars; and unless I did this I did nothing, for my case would not bear much inquiry.
Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Sindh visited the residence of MPA Shahnaz Begum Ansari, to inquire about her Health; Mrs Shahnaz Begum had recently met with a dangerous traffic accident, that caused major injuries to her.
Aware's introduction of INQUIRE reflects the usefulness of text-based identity data in biometric systems," commented David Benini, VP of Marketing at Aware.
The governor continues to oppose demanding peace officers inquire, just as he opposes measures that prevent them from asking.
The council had appealed a decision by the High Court in 2006 which allowed its fitness to practise committee to inquire into his treatment of nine former patients.
But Boro have probably inquired about 25 players already this summer and may inquire about 50 more.
They also routinely inquire about the firm's process for having the senior executives certify the financial statements.
And in a second step that seems to follow on the heels of the first, one is led to inquire, And what precisely are we who ask this question?
Designers who rely on 3D computer graphics are free to download a 30-day version of Inquire Design for 3D modeling from http://beta.
I did not attend, but I hope those who did had the curiosity to inquire, as Snow and I do, "Excuse us, but just what is 'up-skilling'?
The employment application should contain an authorization to inquire into the applicant's criminal conviction history.