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2 : to make an investigation <The committee inquired into the matter.
McCormally inquired whether LMSB has identified any trends that would limit the scope of examinations for certain taxpayers.
After the September 11 attacks, rocker-actress Courtney Love inquired about joining the Marines, according to The New York Observer.
VALENCIA - After defensive back Ray Alston finished his prep career at Antelope Valley High and inquired at Antelope Valley College, he practiced with some of the players and asked them about the program.
One of Jackson's aides is reported to have inquired about putting 21- month-old Prince's name on an early entry list at prestigious Stowe school, in Buckingham.
Price: Male shoppers inquired about cars priced on average 13.
C JP inquired from IG Sindh' what efforts he had made to arrest Rao Anwar.
According to the spokesman of Pakistan Navy, Admiral Zakaullah inquired about health of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz and prayed for her early recovery.
Justice Qazi Faiz Essa inquired how much amount has been released so far under the head of fertilizers subsidy.
Summary: King Mohammed VI of Morocco, on Tuesday, launched and inquired about several social projects, worth about $ 3.
She observed that in the past the Treasury Department has expressed opposition to codification of the economic substance provision and inquired whether the Treasury Department remains opposed to the proposal.