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were both decent seemed minded and genuinely inquisitive.
During an inspection visit to @DubaiAirports , @GDRFADUBAI Director General Major General Mohammed Al Marri allows two inquisitive children to complete their clearance procedures and stamp their own passports.
The children asked me lots of questions, proving they are already very inquisitive - a must-have trait for a reporter.
Keeper Laura Robbins said: "Mrs Elvis is a very cheeky and inquisitive monkey who loves to play and interact with the public.
Michael said: "He always had an inquisitive nature and if he saw a new bus route he would jump on board to see which way it went.
ISLAMABAD Every second grapevine of chitchat at the 84th birthday of Thi King reception was inquisitive more about emerging political landscape in Pakistan than the actual health of President Asif Ali Zardari.
The acquisition will enable HTC to collect usage fees from Apple customers, as the products of Inquisitive Minds have been applied in many models of Apple.
AN INQUISITIVE horse had a lucky escape when it was rescued after getting its head trapped in a plough.
Bishop is an active, inquisitive and charming 10-year-old boy who presents as quiet and very observant of his surroundings.
He is an inquisitive chap who, along with his bear Sidney, stays up all night to welcome the morning and then, when it doesn't come, panics about losing it.
Young children are naturally inquisitive and love to go exploring.
THERE'S a lot to be said for inquisitive, chatterbox kids.