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They inquisitively sniff customers and appear to help Leif with his expert boot-fitting.
The eye brows went up, collectively, inquisitively.
It would be impossible to see everything in one day and do it justice, so we concentrate on the dinosaur rooms, the highlight of which is a lifelike teenage Tyrannosaurus rex which stares inquisitively at visitors before letting out an all-too-realistic roar.
The little lad, in a brown hooded top, strains forward to gaze inquisitively into the lens.
I looked at him inquisitively as he proceeded to tell me the story of Minna, his three-year-old daughter.
said the monk to one of our sons as he peered inquisitively over a wall trying to get a better sight of the monastery on the other side.
Encouraging her students to think inquisitively about what they eat, Dowding has her students use Vernier technology to conduct investigations such as finding the food coloring concentration in Fruit Loops[R], the concentration of color in Kool-Aid solutions, and the amount of sugar in soda.
The audience gawp at it inquisitively as a man on a unicycle steers a large ladder through the throng.
After all the work, preparation, and exhaustion that accompanies the lambing season, remember: there are few joys that are comparable to holding a newborn baby lamb, still wet from its mother's womb, its little ears poked out inquisitively, its tiny nose searching the air, its little hooves struggling to maintain a wobbly stance as you put it on the ground.
At least your officers have to be and appear to be inquisitively alert and capable of defending themselves.
mcu: Owen looks (at what we have just seen), distraught but sensitively and inquisitively.