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Little wonder that its original owner found it necessary to surround the home with an expansive flower bed as a friendly barrier to keep curious passers-by from peering inquisitively into the windows.
Canadian by birth to parents of Arab Muslim heritage, he is married and is a father to a very inquisitively adventurous son.
Every year, we look forward to seeing all the small children--dressed patriotically in red, white and blue--hanging onto their -parents' hands as they inquisitively approach the "kid's zone" where they compete in Olde Time Games.
Inquisitively asking the Toyota co-ordinator, standing there with a gentle smile on his face that immediately told me he'd seen similar strife before, how to turn it on, he just simply retorted: "It is on, sir.
a beautiful loggerhead turtle has popped up out of the water and is now looking inquisitively at the motley selection of boats bobbing around awaiting its appearance.
Three-year-old Summer nudges him inquisitively, flicking her hair back over her shoulder as she tiptoes around daintily in her pink, sparkly princess shoes.
We can imagine the scenes in which Frances, mother-in-law and author, inquisitively absorbed the perspective and experience of Aileen, her opera-singing daughter-in-law.
This constitutes another change in motion and may excite the fish inquisitively watching the lure.
As a deeply engaged envoy from that republic, Nafisi urges us to read widely and inquisitively.
Standing on Mar Elias street inquisitively looking in the window of a furniture shop, Thouraya had clearly been very affected by what was happening in the country.
None is out there fretting about these displaced, worrying about their woes and inquisitively asking how are they to be helped to overcome their grief somewhat.