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The Calibanism and sexism in this passage largely reside in the black male voice cursing, expressing his insatiability as he coerces a white woman to perform oral sex, and showing concomitantly what a sexual beast he is.
For other instances of how insatiability factored into female marital jealousy, see also The Widow's Tears 2.
Business in the laissez faire sense (not mercantilism or cronyism) deals with the natural phenomena of scarcity, insatiability, and cost efficiency.
MA: I am insatiability curious, so I am constantly looking outside, constantly reading things that seem to be completely disconnected from things that I do day-to-day.
Perhaps translation is most appealing for those poets who have this kind of insatiability.
And Marvin Gaye's was in many ways a cheerless insatiability.
12) Their formal lack of teleology corresponds to the endlessness, the insatiability, of the drive that, in this Metzian sense, animates them, and like voyeurism, they leave the viewer "in the position in which [s/]he began the film: a state of .
European attributions to women of African descent of an inherent sexual immorality, contentedness with the role of breeder, sexual insatiability and unnaturalness in their urges, and animal-like strength that suited them to "work in the fields all day and then work in bed all night" (38) are key parts of oppressive discourses that historically shaped and contemporaneously inform the lived experience of Afra-Caribbean women.
However, he underestimated the insatiability of human wants and his "trend toward the abolition of employment" was properly utopian.
37) Old Joseph, frustrated by Mary's insatiability, snaps, "lete hym pluk yow cheryes begatt yow with childe" (15.
For some respondents, parallel careers are a consequence of the insatiability of the current generation and represent another indication of their impatience in waiting for a traditional and timeconsuming career development path.
As far as I understand, there are two reasons why the KCK issued such declaration: first, to push the AKP government into a corner prior to the upcoming elections; and second, if the AKP loses the election and there is political insatiability in upcoming months, the PKK will prepare to declare an autonomous regime in the Kurdish region.