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A parsimonious, but meaningful, asceticism can logically arise from recognizing the insatiability of the will and the restless lifestyle that derives from such insatiability.
Indeed, because of the insatiability set off by museums' very purpose, they have most often been known through critical intellectual work.
Second, female sexuality is projected symbolically as a phenomenon endowed with negative connotations and even destructive defined in terms of greed, insatiability and animality.
In contrast with the subsistence logic of the Chayanovian peasant, it is difficult to find peasants nowadays--although there are exceptional cases--who do not participate in the principle of insatiability (or the unlimited desire of consumers) in a society of mass consumption, which unlike the early 20th century rural Russia, has asserted itself currently as a consequence of the expansion of the market economy.
Even so, Bartolovich retains the utility of the metaphor, and one important implication of it is that the imagined insatiability that defines cannibalism (an appetite that--much like unbridled desire for the accumulation of capital--grows the more it is fed) is part of a commodity (the geographies of the New World) that is itself a consuming entity.
Moreover, after the so-called 'Arab Spring' in Egypt, while some people left the country due to the insatiability, many others returned for two main reasons.
Timothy Hackworth in 1828 came to the rescue with an engine powerful enough to satisfy Teesside's insatiability for coal.
Between the rise of a more radical New Left born of qualitative liberalism's own insatiability and the Baby Boom's demographic bulge, which magnified the social unrest, LBJ was soon engulfed by a civil war between the political Left and the cultural Left.
They say that for the ancient Greeks, the ultimate curse was insatiability.
The absurdity of the accusation that the insatiability of individual obese Westerners (rather than, say, the logic of accumulation) governs Western methods of meat production is masked by an appeal to "common sense" assumptions that obese adults present a contagiously undisciplined model of body management to young people.
The latter leaves the folle's household because the insatiability of her sexual appetite has weakened him to the point of illness.
Put succinctly, the ruthlessness, insatiability, and contagion that the cannibal exemplifies represents the Francoist State, upon which illusory moral structures were linked to notions of Christian civilization.