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Consider The Insatiate Countess, which, as we have already seen, provides Don Sago's speech "The stage of heau'n, is hung with solemne black, / A time best fitting, to Act Tragedies" in 4.
Evil is presentness bereaved Of all the futures it conceived, Willful and realized restriction Of the insatiate forms of fiction.
Apparently,, the frustrated and insatiate fantasy of possessing and dominating whatever he perceives still haunts the artist.
I shuddered to think who might be the next victim sacrificed to his insatiate revenge.
The virtue of Marston, Rivalry, Rapprochement, and Jonson lies in the scrupulous adjudication of various kinds of evidence bearing on the attribution of authorship in the case of the texts Cathcart treats, including The Family of Love, The Insatiate Countess, and the "Vatum Chorus" verses published in Love's Martyr.
Like a tiger insatiate with blood he [Lynch] tomahawked his victims and cast their reeking carcasses to the wild dogs.
With eager feeding food doth choke the feeder; Light vanity, insatiate cormorant, Consuming means, soon preys upon itself.
Insatiate Archer Hunter Taylor BeWrite Books 32 Bryn Road South, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, UK WN4 8QR 9781905202348, $14.
Love in the Scotist sense is insatiate satisfaction, the cup full to overflowing, the process of achievement considered as interminable, having as its end the last transfinite, the aggregate of aggregates.
All the privacies of life are ransacked,--all the sanctuaries of our nature explored and violated, for the purpose of feeding an insatiate and depraved appetite for scandal.
In fact, these works, including Ofeimun's contribution on the demolition in this collection, he suggests rather appropriately, can as well be regarded as Maroko corpus today, and find parallel in such literary response as Jorge Amado's to the insatiate slum clearance of his country, or South African writing's memorial on the demolition of District Six during apartheid.
RADA-trained Wilde worked with Nicholas Hytner on the first production of His Dark Materials for the National and has also worked with Out of Joint (A State Affair), the Young Vic (The Insatiate Countess) and Southwark Playhouse (Macbeth