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A statement by the ministry said that al-Malki's attempt to inscribe Bethlehem on the World Heritage List comes within the Palestinian Authority's aim to activate Palestine's membership in the UNESCO and preserve cultural and natural sites in Palestine.
The UNESCO committee voted to inscribe the structures for their important interaction with other regional cultures, in particular the Byzantine, Orthodox and Persian.
Otherwise, why omit the words "ko pano" or "ro pano," yet still inscribe a couplet about rag sri on this particular painting?
Arriving home, chalk in hand, I'll inscribe some symbols over my doorway.
As part of a project started by the Class of 1999, bricks on the school's main walkway were sold for $30, offering buyers an opportunity to inscribe a brief, personal message.
David then thought it would be nice to make the gift that little bit special and he had our people inscribe it, in gold leaf, with, 'For my darling Victoria'.
Deals with INscribe Digital, Smashwords, and Rowman & Littlefield to be featured at Book Expo America
I know his mom,'' said Bruce Thomas, commander of American Legion Post 502 in Moorpark, which is working to inscribe Hill's name into a plaque for fallen veterans, the first since Vietnam.
The prefectural government spent some 8 million yen last year to inscribe some 663 new names, government officials said.
With Easter approaching, one can inscribe and personalize a special Easter book to create the most unique and lasting gift.
Inserting an image of the monument into iconic photographs--from Rodchenko's mother to Man Ray's Violon d'Ingres and August Sander's peasants in their Sunday best--the artists inscribe the multilayered revolutionary history of Cuba into the tradition of avant-garde Western art.