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The fact that it is now available in a pre-configured high-performance Compaq Workstation, with the addition of Inscriber realtime titling and Boris FX 3D DVE at no extra charge, makes it a truly remarkable value.
This is because there is no further space for the rest of the inscription and the inscriber had to extend the 'line' to a point in which it had to deviate from the normal course of writing.
By dragging and dropping a Microsoft Access or XML database into Rapid CG, followed by linking it to a template created in Inscriber GS CG (included with every Broadcast Pix system), information can be automatically updated in specific fields within the template, eliminating the need to re-key data.
He also referred Ricky to his favourite body art inscriber, Louis Molloy, to get the work done.
By bundling the ATTO ExpressSAS RAID adapter with the high-powered Inscriber G7 broadcast system from Harris, users will get enhanced data throughput required for HD live-to-air production," notes Edward Tierney, director of marketing for ATTO.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Rotary Switch 63 Amps, 4 Position, 3 Phase, 440V, Switching Two Way On Off, For Ac Switching Conforming To Is:13947 Part I And Ii /1993, Similar To Kaycee Type Srpm 637A Panel Mounting Type With Operating Knob The Face Plate Shall Be Inscriber As Normal Emergency Icf Approved Makes Salzer/L And T/ Kaycee/Switchon Only Along With Oem Certificate Only Is Acceptable.
Harris Inscriber G7 integrated HD/SD broadcast graphics will provide the channel branding to enhance the on-air look.
Justin Thathiah, a Questek sales executive, said the SABC chose the 1M/E Slate 1000 because of its integrated Fluent production tools, including clip and graphics stores, multi-view and Inscriber CG.
With Inca Studio, CBC/Radio-Canada will have a complete solution to provide them the creative freedom to move their on-air look to the next level," says Dan Mance, President of Inscriber.
iBiquity Digital Corporation IBIS (Integrated Business Information Systems) IBM IDX Technology Incite Multimedia Inscriber Intelsat KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Expected to begin shipping by end-of-year 2001, frost 3 will offer high quality broadcast 2D text tools, from newly adopted Inscriber Technology, and performance on SGI's Octane2(TM) visual workstation -- delivering exceptional performance on the desktop -- unavailable in past versions.