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One reason is that sunscreen needs frequent reapplication, while insect repellent does not.
apply insect repellents only to exposed skin or clothing
The body worn insect repellent markets can be segmented on the basis of product type such as oils and creams, apparel and stickers and patches.
are urging the public to use insect repellents and take other precautions to avoid biting insects that carry serious diseases.
Today, we're all the prouder that IR3535 is one of the two insect repellent active substances, which out of the top three most effective substances have made it to the positive list.
Layden recommended that adults should administer insect repellent to children, as they can have a difficult time manipulating cans and bottles, and may end up inhaling repellent or getting it in mouths or eyes, which should be avoided.
The company disposed of its shares in Eco Blends in exchange for a royalty-free, perpetual licence to use all formulations of the patent-pending, DEET-free insect repellent developed by Eco Blends.
USING insect repellents in early pregnancy could put unborn boys at risk of a birth defect, research suggests.
If you can regularly reapply the insect repellent when you are out for long periods of time, or if your child will only be outside for a few hours, a repellent with 10% or less DEET should be enough.
It is the most used insect repellent chemical worldwide.