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Some houses which had become insecure from age and decay, were prevented from falling into the street, by huge beams of wood reared against the walls, and firmly planted in the road; but even these crazy dens seemed to have been selected as the nightly haunts of some houseless wretches, for many of the rough boards which supplied the place of door and window, were wrenched from their positions, to afford an aperture wide enough for the passage of a human body.
More than 200 vehicles were left either insecure or with items of value on display when officers carried out force-wide car security checks this week.
3 million people - more than one in every four Afghans are classed as moderately food insecure.
3 million people are classed as moderately food insecure.
August 17 House keys left in an insecure Ford Kuga were stolen and used to open a house door.
8 million people in Syria are estimated to be "food insecure," with 6.
We are so much powerful and mighty that we can maintain security in the Strait of Hormuz and don't allow it to turn into an insecure region," Sayyari said in an interview with the Iranian Qanoun newspaper on Sunday.
Cleveland Police said the four unknown youths approached an insecure mid-terraced bungalow on Egton Close, via a footpath to the rear garden, at 4.
Rock is terrific as the amusingly insecure star, while a terrific support cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler and Gabrielle Union.
Iraq: 33% of Iraq's population of 32 million is water insecure
6 million people, or 41 percent of the population, were food insecure, including 5 million people who were severely food insecure.