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The animals were artificially once inseminated at different times (0-6, 7- 12, 13-18, or 19-24 h) after the onset of spontaneous estrus.
Cows were inseminated with frozen thawed semen of good post thaw motility by a qualified technician and randomly allotted to treatment and control groups of twenty each.
singer who publicly announced being artificially inseminated and as a result
The cubs' mother was artificially inseminated twice before successfully reproducing.
This is typical of herds that initially rely on estrous detection for AI, but eventually cows not inseminated up to a certain number of DIM will receive a timed AI.
She also said she supports the lifting of a ban on lesbians being artificially inseminated.
The students also learned about how cows are artificially inseminated in a way that makes them more likely to have female calves which can be used as milking cows and stay as part of the herd.
In this species first male sperm precedence was found when two males inseminated a single genital pore (Snow & Andrade 2005) and when the first tip was deposited in the entrance of the spermatheca (Snow et al.
It centers on a woman who aims to be artificially inseminated but falls in love.
He compared the results of 785 patients who had only three oocytes available for insemination with the results of a group of 11,233 patients who had more than three oocytes inseminated as well as 283 patients who had only one oocyte available for insemination.
The companies that have now artificially inseminated their way in just want one thing, and that's money.
Half of the cows on each farm will be inseminated with sexed semen and the other half with conventional.