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Working as an artificial inseminator for turkeys was the worst without a doubt," he says.
Vickery is nicknamed The Inseminator because he was once responsible for impregnating cows with a 3ft syringe.
It's nice to have a place to restrain your cow for the vet or the inseminator.
Tonight, she chats to three men - a club compere, an artificial inseminator of cows and a woodpole linesman who strings power cables between poles.
Artificial insemination dates were recorded by the inseminator and pregnancy diagnosis was performed by rectal palpation 6-8 weeks after AI.
ENGLAND inject fresh life into their scrum this evening by welcoming back the man known to some as The Inseminator.
Phil Vickery, a 21-year old tight head prop, was an artificial livestock inseminator before Gloucester offered him a route out of his father's farm in Cornwall.
Symbolically, then, he becomes assimilated to the seasonal vegetation god who dies after fulfilling his role as inseminator.
Specialists themselves, Andy and Tony also get services from contractors, most of whom are on the farm frequently: a veterinarian, nutritionist, artificial inseminators, a hoof trimmer, a genome tester, a manure management planner, and others.
Contradictions of Masculinity: Ascetic Inseminators and Menstruating Men in Greco-Roman Culture.
Another particularly serious problem was the exodus of skilled people--from inseminators and engineers to agronomists, pasture specialists, veterinarians, managers and celadores (the ones who check whether females are ready to mate).