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Secretary Health Najam Ahmad Shah directed that proper maintenance of the inseminator must be insured so that the machine could maintain its efficiency and remain functional and durable for a long time.
This was humiliating as I used to be an inseminator.
Like these characters, Tuttle functions as an artistic inseminator, catalyzing Lauren's new work and encouraging her return to life.
This delirious representation points to the phallus as inseminator hailing from Thanatos and to the maternal body as matrix of destruction.
He had at least studied agriculture at college and worked as an artificial inseminator.
Sewer-flusher, fish merchant, turkey inseminator, knife-thrower, hill farmer, holiday rep, travelling boxer, the person who sticks the lights on Blackpool tower.
Eventually, after most of his family dies, some due to suicide, Skipper finds a reprieve on a tropical island as an artificial inseminator.
Males may respond to an increased risk of sperm competition by guarding for longer durations (Sherman, 1983; Wilber, 1989; Jablonski and Kaczanowski, 1994) or by passing larger ejaculates (Svard and Wiklund, 1989; Gage, 1991; Eady, 1995; Gage and Barnard, 1996), which displace more of a previous inseminator's sperm or prevent dilution by a subsequent inseminator.
Terms such as "sexual adventurer," "roving inseminator," have been used to describe a young male who values and pursues sexual conquests.
The pressure on Milton's logic is partially relieved through a reassertion of the author's mind as inseminator of the press, a deft compromise in which the mind acquires only such physicality as ensures its reproduction while the press, as womb for the mind's infinite reproductive potential, bears the weight of corporeality:
You will note that your veterinarian, inseminator, and others who must go from barn to barn will be especially careful about washing boots and equipment after treating sick animals and before entering all stables during outbreaks in a neighborhood.
WYN JONES, 35, WHITLAND, CARMARTHENSHIRE Wyn farms the dairy, beef and sheep farm with his parents and also works part time as a qualified artificial inseminator.