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The brain being cold and insentient does not qualify for Aristotle as having anything to do with sensation, let alone with thinking.
Given the unspoken context of political disappearance that underlies the show, this brilliant work invites thoughts of torture, and perhaps self-immolation, inasmuch as human flesh, rather than insentient paper, water, concrete, or sugar, serves as the material support on which violence is sustained and identity stamped.
Costello's plea on behalf of a colony of frogs she has, after all, made up on the spot in this twilight kingdom of tawdry allegorical trappings; her statement of unbelief in anything but the insentient real which cares nothing for language or belief itself--all this is the beating heart of a great evasion immanent to the alibi of immanence, of a realism so simple and complete that in it "ideas have no autonomous existence" (Elizabeth 9).
Instead, we can put the blame squarely on the agency of insentient, natural evolutionary causation.
It is poetry on the borders of music, and music is perhaps the bridge between consciousness and the unthinking sentient or even insentient universe.
Huysmans's sleeper/ invalid may seem insentient and motionless, yet her bed is the departure point for trips to a higher plane, where forbidden impulses are dramatized and spiritual truths are revealed.
It is not some insentient being you are disrespecting really, it is the established order of things.
Similarly, when firearms-particularly handguns--are used as bludgeons, good and bad guys alike are shown to react similarly: immediately dropping to the floor, insentient, with nary a drop of blood in sight.
The Mechanical Hound is ruthless and insentient, all wires and circuits and electricity, but it still seems to have acquired consciousness of some kind--a malevolent will that is more than merely mechanical--and is seemingly invincible (pp.
The voice continues, expressing its own insentient wonder at the mechanisms of which it is a part:
Zero has become the perfect machine-man for an insentient machine age.
In this sense Lump establishes a benchmark for the film's treatment of masculinity: whereas Dorr's erudition and intellect fail to produce results at one pole, Lump's insentient physicality proves equally ineffective on the other.