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When radical anti-Zionists like the ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon emphasize the inseparability of Israel from Jewishness, they make a lot of people uncomfortable.
Its core, as Wyse sees it, is that the notion of the inseparability of body-mind-soul is the distinguishing component of a human being.
Specifically, it sets out an argument for a suitably formulated version of the inseparability claim, an argument that appeals to the relationship between the reactive attitudes and other elements of our emotional lives.
We encounter some stunning reflections on the inseparability of sexual arousal and religious piety in Catholic art in the same pages that we confront the common horrors of death by childbirth and breast cancer: the former, the common lot for married women, who seldom saw their forties until the nineteenth century; the latter, known as the "nun's disease," associated with female celibacy.
At the same time, we need to learn to pursue justice with reason and our senses, distinguished from the reality of faith, while also maintaining the inseparability of the two in the Christian life.
The same is the case of inseparability of the Tamil Eelam and today, on this auspicious day, we reaffirm our determination for the Tamil Eelam," he added.
While Gross writes that "I have long regarded the surprising discovery that anger about one's own perceived unjust situation is not helpful to anyone as the most significant statement about Buddhism and feminism that I have ever made" (232), her conclusion to the essay is that one can be involved in causes and practice, but that a view of the inseparability of relative and absolute truth must be maintained in order to do it skillfully.
Sousa's central claim emphasizes the inseparability of the physical and virtual constitution of Shakespeare's architecture of domestic space in King Lear, Othello, Hamlet, and Macbeth.
This time division is not permitted due to the inseparability of investigation periods and its interrelation with the trial procedure," Jreisati said.
I believe that Article 5 of the Washington Treaty based on the inseparability of NATO's security should remain as the cornerstone of the alliance.
Security requirements are increased not only by the inseparability of basic civil systems such as transportation from the military; by the globalization processes that result from the opening up of the marketplace to liberal, democratic forces; and by the free exchange of news, information, opinion, private, and public data.