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Yet aside from the formidable demands posed by a work that inseparably weds its theme of faith with language that in its depth and integrity authenticates the author, one must ask among whom this book will find its readers.
Myth, history, culture and identity are inseparably woven together in his works, and he writes with equal authority from the perspective of a Chinese woman, a cynical French diplomat or a transsexual diva.
Signs in the heavens are inseparably connected with the good news that the new age has begun.
We may understand that the rhetorical or aesthetic or ideological principles behind words and images are inseparably interwoven; or, we may observe that the practice of the arts in a given historical period - say, the Renaissance - was inseparably interconnected.
By implication, mentalities and ideologies are best seen as inseparably
I don't believe it a coincidence that in-house counsel raised these concerns while simultaneously voicing their distress over rising litigation costs -- in my view, the two are inseparably linked.
Recurring service provided is global and inseparably integrates hosted and operated system, corrective maintenance and scalable both technical and functional one as well as user support.
For 100 years now, consumers around the world have inseparably associated the NIVEA brand with skin care and wellbeing.
also correctly insists that the discussion of the Resurrection of Jesus is inseparably tied up with the discussion of whether Jesus was God incarnate.
It is funny that she wrote a novel (What Does She See When She Shuts Her Eyes) that is only a few pages long; funny that she has plays (see the brilliant Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights) in which stage directions, characters, and dramatic action exist if they exist at all inseparably from the plays playing language; funny that although the word lesbian never appears in her voluminousness, since she saw it as natural to the world as color, she wrote, proleptically, the most vigorous theory of lesbian desire - not by writing it but allowing it to oxygenate everywhere, as in the title of her melodrama Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters.
In Poterialsia mal'chik America and Russia are whimsically yet inseparably intertwined.
MAGIC: THE GATHERING is a game inseparably tangled with the creative independence synonymous with global youth culture.