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Like Kundera's nonfiction, The Festival of Insignificance is divided into seven parts.
Then along comes 86-year-old Czech novelist Milan Kundera, mildly lampooning our pointless preoccupations in The Festival of Insignificance.
Destiny of the younger generation fades into insignificance as pensioners work in Government.
It certainly made the inconvenience of waiting for your wages pale into insignificance by comparison for today's squad.
However, it all pales into insignificance alongside two events this week as the Hillsborough scandal has been in the spotlight and hopefully the families will finally get justice.
Yeo added even more funny fuel to the comedy fire by asking whether Cammers wanted to preside over "a dignified slide towards insignificance.
They make us realise, each one of us in our insignificance, how important we are in some other way that we have not yet realised.
How such nonsense pales into total insignificance when one takes a moment to reflect on how difficult life must be right now for a grieving husband so many of us know and his family.
No person is against the respect of historical figures, but when this is completely sponsored with large amount of money and when our own urban locations are donated for such grandiose works, then doubt appears that all of this is done to cover up someone's insignificance," says Sejdiu.
It is also an issue which (though serious) pales into insignificance when compared to the untold harm done to thousands of children by religious organisations entrusted with their care in the Irish Republic.
The consequences of the global financial crisis could pale into insignificance when compared with the human misery caused by failing to address climate change, the Prince of Wales told world leaders.
The case has been dropped against Mohammad Asif due to insignificance.