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However she might personally suffer, whatever might be the sacrifice of her own feelings--observe how artfully this was put, to insinuate that she was herself in love with him
Miss La Creevy, who was a member of the little council, ventured to insinuate some doubts relative to the probability of Miss Nickleby's arriving at this happy consummation in the compass of an ordinary lifetime; but the good lady set that question entirely at rest, by informing them that she had a presentiment on the subject--a species of second-sight with which she had been in the habit of clenching every argument with the deceased Mr Nickleby, and, in nine cases and three-quarters out of every ten, determining it the wrong way.
THE article "40 min lifeboat delay let our lad die" on 1 July wrongly insinuates a serious delay in the launching of an RNLI lifeboat.
This Sherman Oaks-bred postmodern chanteuse insinuates her way through a self-penned collection of torch songs, Brechtian fantasias and unclassifiable psycho soundscapes.
For Gareth James, blue-screen blue, a sort of chromatic cipher that is everywhere and nowhere at once, is the heraldic color of contemporary capitalism, emblematizing the system that keeps us entertained while it insinuates itself into every aspect of our lives.
The DVD is a little short with only seven songs and running for 30 minutes, which sort of insinuates that there is little Platinum about them live, although I'm sure the fans would disagree
Locals where filming took place on the tropical island of Bataka, Dominica, are now in uproar that the clip insinuates that their forebears were cannibals.
Using archival footage and home movies, Davis also cleverly insinuates how the cinema, perhaps like individual memory, is a set of powerful but ultimately tenuous lines between what is inside the frame and what is outside the frame.
Writer Chad Graham states that "the Right insinuates its message into the mainstream media while crying foul about news organizations' supposed liberal bias.
The real problem, Spenser insinuates, lies not in race but in behavior, in the feudal ways of the Old English and their native Irish adherents ("gullible rather than guilty," 85), with both groups "refusing to make way for a new generation of reforming native English" (84).
Using computer models they developed, Elverhoi and his colleagues have identified what may be a major factor enabling such landslides to travel so far: a thin layer of water that insinuates itself between the floor and the overlying mass of quick-moving sediment.
Ottilie insinuates herself into Douglass' life by offering her services as a journalist.