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The insinuating traveller (who evinced a provident anxiety to get his full share of the supper), wiping some drops of wine from his moustache with a piece of bread, joined the conversation.
And then,' said the insinuating traveller, 'for the scratching dogs and the buried children, according to the pictures
But first the insinuating traveller had asked him if they could have some wine made hot; and as he had answered Yes, and had presently afterwards sent it in, that traveller, seated in the centre of the group, and in the full heat of the fire, was soon engaged in serving it out to the rest.
said the insinuating traveller, whose manner shrunk, and whose voice dropped when he was left alone.
In a dialogue with Rochelle Feinstein published to accompany the joint exhibition of their photographs at Art Resources Transfer, Hutcheson speaks of the light in her photos "destroying" a mundane narrative about all the desultory materials lying around her studio, "and insinuating another," unspecified one.
Cruz Bustamante engaged in the most noxious form of race- baiting and demagoguery, insinuating that anyone who questioned his ties to Indian casinos was a bigot.
Silent and black and white, they describe no clear story or life situation, as Georgina Starr's works may; their erotic politics are usually more insinuating than confrontational, unlike those of Sarah Lucas; although McQueen may appear in his films, they are not obviously "about" him, as Starr and Tracey Emin produce art apparently "about" themselves; nor does he rephrase or parody such media as advertising, in the manner, at times, of Damien Hirst.
In the full insinuating, misanthropic Leary manner, Slater morphs into the embodiment of David's fears, appearing (only to the dentist) at family dinners and trips to the country cabin, always judging Dana and the girls' behavior in the worst possible light.
Lisa Germano unveiled her latest fragile, deeply insinuating recording Thursday and Friday night at Largo: ``Lullaby for Liquid Pig,'' a haunting song cycle exploring the psychic toll that addiction exacts.
All the charm, the wit, the insinuating manipulation and barmy face-pulling we deem a fun Nicholson performance is here in abundance, along with a beguiling willingness to make just enough of a fool of himself to fit into, if not become a citizen of, Sandler's idiot screen universe.
In Disney's sprightly remake, Matthew Broderick - whose voice thankfully doesn't blare as insistently as one of the 76 trombones he sings about - plays Hill as a more wily, insinuating character.
Sashaying through tony clothing stores, she buys (with stolen checks and credit cards) or shoplifts anything her friends want, creating diversions and brazenly insinuating herself with shopkeepers she steals from.