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31) Likewise, the Zimandar's depiction of the ideal Indian woman as "docile and reserved, with enough of judgement to teach them to adorn their persons, and wear their jewels with propriety" is not intended as an attack on the insipidity of the Hindu female but rather on the patriarchs who "behold the[ir] sex in the degrading state of subjection" (89).
Insipidity and ham-fisted direction aside, there's also something repulsive and vulgar about Fawzi's direction.
In this ballad, the sort of insipidity and "blankness" of mind supposedly promoted by the curacy is thoroughly entangled with conventions of gender and sexuality.
gt;In a nutshell: You'll come for the Schadenfreude; you'll leave because of all the insipidity.
Since the late '80s, Fanchon has been creating a sort of heraldry for the era of pictographic communication, a heraldry of indeterminacy and opacity to counter the insipidity and overlegibility of the world.
Such passions show up the relative insipidity and meaninglessness of much right-minded current work, and they derive from their real opposition to something: all the daemonic political barbarism of the last century.
Those who have experienced a true roast leg of mutton will afterwards regret the insipidity, the glibness of the lamb equivalent, and understand why it is so often drowned in mint.
Exotic chemicals--the creation of which has become an exacting, and lucrative, science--trick our senses and mask the basic insipidity of mediocre ingredients.
WHILE, in all honesty, the political party of which I am a member remains, in terms of economics at least, merely an extension of free-market Thatcherism, with all its insipidity, waste and arrogant self-preservation - so is the power-lessness and lack of belief in the human spirit of the other larger parties, never more clearly shown that in their impotence towards the fate of Peugeot.
On the one hand, these images of physical incapacity embody the insipidity and incompleteness of New Zealand, its failure to attain a certain level of national greatness.