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But if she insists on quarrelling, I cannot help it.
As all the States are equally represented in the Senate, and by men the most able and the most willing to promote the interests of their constituents, they will all have an equal degree of influence in that body, especially while they continue to be careful in appointing proper persons, and to insist on their punctual attendance.
I am going to Beauchamp, in whose journal this paragraph appears, and I shall insist on his retracting the assertion before two witnesses.
Thurston, that I insist on knowing why you have presumed to address such language to me--yes, sir, INSIST on knowing your reason.
A fifth, to achieve his long-cherished aim of dining with the Emperor, would stubbornly insist on the correctness or falsity of some newly emerging opinion and for this object would produce arguments more or less forcible and correct.
Help me to declare honestly that I know of circumstances which justify me; and I may insist to some purpose.
From every point of view, I feel bound to insist on his accepting Sir James's invitation.
Besides, in his world, souls did not insist upon being able to smile.
You insist on my introducing you to Dexter, and I refuse to trust you alone with th at crack-brained personage.
Do you still insist on sitting close by me and taking my hand?
Glaucon said: I suppose, since you insist, that we must.
In Poland they support the party that insists on an agrarian revolution as the prime condition for national emancipation, that party which fomented the insurrection of Cracow in 1846.