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Since the suppression of the Wiclifite movement the circulation of the Bible in English had been forbidden, but growing Protestantism insistently revived the demand for it.
It is possible that he wondered why he had been so insistently urged to come.
The cabin still rang with his voice, as he stood there, swaying, his bronzed face shining, his head up and dominant, and his eyes, golden and masculine, intensely masculine and insistently soft, flashing upon Maud at the door.
But of late, while he was staying in Moscow after his wife's confinement, with nothing to do, the question that clamored for solution had more and more often, more and more insistently, haunted Levin's mind.
In the end, with much misgiving, and only after Saxon had insistently pointed out how little work it entailed on her, Billy consented, though he continued to protest, as an afterthought
Mr Verloc did not seem so much asleep now as lying down with a bent head and looking insistently at his left breast.
Some touch of the artist wells up within me, and calls insistently for a well-staged performance.
Long, long ago his present anguish had its first beginnings; it had waxed and gathered strength, it had matured and concentrated, until it had taken the form of a fearful, frenzied and fantastic question, which tortured his heart and mind, clamouring insistently for an answer.
Meanwhile, it was noticed that the police insistently said that the person was not taken into custody.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Prime Minister Habib Essid, Saturday, insistently urged governors to embark on fieldwork and keep cleanliness and environment protection as "permanent issues on their agenda.
With its widespread portfolio of surface treatment technologies, Chemetall hopes to insistently take part in the dynamic growth of automotive associated businesses, for example automotive components, coil and cold forming industries.
While protecting our own interests as best we can, one of our prime diplomatic tasks should be insistently to remind the world that our problems are theirs too" - Sir Bernard Ingham.