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He demonstrated fashion, practicality and a degree of insouciance that may never be bettered.
Choreography for the group pieces was carefully wrought, and sometimes just as carefully executed, but the general atmosphere of insouciance made most of the performers appear lazy.
But the Ali-inspired diarrhea-of-the-pen award must go to Joyce Carol Oates: ``When in feckless youth Ali was a dazzling figure combining, say, the brashness of Hotspur and the insouciance of Lear's Fool .
Large families breed a sort of glorious insouciance in parents.
In a marvellously paranoid performance Timothy Walker attempts to convince those around him that the corrupt justice he dispenses with a kind of feeble insouciance is underpinned by divine approval.
He was now interested in "business art," and as he saw it, "business art" could succeed only if it had a sense of humor, which, to judge from his portraits both painted and written, meant a calculated insouciance infused with cruelty.
They have thrown good money after bad with breath-taking insouciance.
With her artfully mussed raven locks and subtle couture style, whether performing on stage or for television cameras, she projects an image of cool insouciance.
Seth Belliston's Sarabande was tossed off with a little too much insouciance, especially when contrasted with Paul Gibson's meticulously jazzy rendering on Thursday night.
Those who've paid the surcharge affect a breezy, superior insouciance while at the same time scanning the scene for potential insurgents.
With the manufactured insouciance of a second-tier cable show--a story of a girl in a crazy world, trying to navigate men, fame, and the pitfalls of urban life--the work is geared to reflect its time and bears little resemblance to the immense and subtle filters of subjectivity (particularly that of young women) created by masters of the form like Austen, Eliot, James, or Wolfe.
In his one-man show Moray Watson performs Lees-Milne beautifully and has found the correct insouciance which could accept most sexual variations (public school had taught a lot in that area) without raising an eyebrow.