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There are three stools in front of the bar, and on each stool is one of Percy's female neighbors, each sitting insouciantly with a martini in the hand and a cigarette in the mouth.
Unlike Gary, Chip is a bohemian insouciantly moving in and out of professions and relationships.
Follow these rules and then throw in a heap of self- confidence and you could be like me: happy to be seen in Accessorize, insouciantly buying a handbag without feeling the need to point out that it's a present.
At this point, inevitably, Great Sporting Moments finds itself on a higher and perhaps more vulnerable rung on the generational chain than that occupied insouciantly by the not-yet-spectacular babies of 1988.
Six little rabbits insouciantly lie about a lake shore munching on carrots and cake.
Having established a political basis for peace in the country, the AU was working assiduously to consolidate its gains when the ICC insouciantly ignored its efforts and indicted Bashir.
These same taxpayers, however, remain insouciantly silent while our government spends almost three times that amount every single day, day after day, on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
9) As the current financial crisis unfolds, the notion that banks can successfully govern themselves using internal models--or rely insouciantly on credit rating agencies for risk evaluations--strains credulity.
Look around you as you walk the aisles, the Croisette, or lounge in an insouciantly important manner in the lobby of the Martinez or Majestic and you will see one thing, if you see nothing else: Advertising.
10 The shot of Juanita's dress pooling out underneath her as she falls is rightly celebrated; much less noticed is the fact that the color of the dress closely matches the color of the ribbon displayed so insouciantly by Dubois following his escape and the revelation of Uribe's treachery, the beginning of the sequence of events which led ineluctably to Juanita's death.
3) Insouciantly here, Gates omits Exodus and other Hebraic texts about captivity, enslavement, and eventually liberation, and reconciliation to God, and he identifies "the African person's enslavement in the New World" with, specifically, "black slaves in the United States" (ix), so that African itself is conflated with American.
Carlson is best known as the co-host of CNN's "Crossfire"; he's the one in the bow tie with the insouciantly undergraduatish demeanor (and who also isn't Paul Begala).