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An examination or investigation; the right to see and duplicate documents, enter land, or make other such examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence.

The inspection of documents relevant to issues in a lawsuit is an important element of discovery.


noun appraisal, ascertainment, careful scrutiny, critical examination, critical viewing, critique, evaluation, examination, exploration, inquest, inventory, observation, perusal, reconnaissance, scrutiny, study, surveillance, survey, trial, visual exxmination
Associated concepts: audit, authority to inspect, inspection for patent or latent defects, inspection of premises, inspeccion of records, on sight inspection, subject to inspection
See also: care, contemplation, cross-questioning, deliberation, diligence, discernment, discovery, examination, experiment, indagation, interrogation, judgment, observation, probe, research, scrutiny, study, supervision, surveillance, test, trial

INSPECTION, comm. law. The examination of certain articles made by law subject to such examination, so that they may be declared fit for commerce. The decision of the inspectors is not final; the object' of the law is to protect the community from fraud, and to preserve the character of the merchandise abroad. 8 Cowen, R. 45. See 1 John. 205; 13 John. R. 331; 2 Caines, R. 312; 3 Caines, R. 207.

INSPECTION, practice. Examination. 2. The inspection of all public records is free to all persons who have an interest in them, upon payment of the usual fees. 7 Mod. 129; 1 Str. 304; 2 Str. 260, 954, 1005. But it seems a mere stranger who has no such interest, has no right, at common law. 8 T. R. 390. Vide Trial by inspection.

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The 9th Annual FDA Inspections Summit will be an unprecedented gathering of the nation's most influential and innovative thought leaders in quality, compliance and inspectional readiness.
On July 18, 2013, at the conclusion of the inspection, the Company received a Form 483 having three inspectional observations which are limited in scope and nature (the "2013 Form 483").
Laboratory leaders should begin by reviewing previous inspectional issues that they encountered.
On March 4, 2013 after the close of trading, Impax announced that it had received a second Form 483 inspectional observation notice by the U.
Al Maidoor was provided a complete overview of the project during his inspectional tour.
Sharfstein, principal deputy commissioner, said the agency "has found inspectional deficiencies of varying degrees of seriousness at all of these facilities.
increases the risk that the board's inspectional efforts do not .
The plan specifies that following an FDA inspection of a facility, the agency will issue a form FDA 483, Inspectional Observations, notifying management of any objectionable conditions or violations of federal code discovered during the inspection.
praised the FDA's efforts, but noted that the agency has "often not met its inspectional targets.
Ubl went on to say that the FDA has "often not met its inspectional targets" but rather than concentrating on" arbitrary inspectional targets," should determine its inspectional priorities based on risk-assessment and impact to the public health and dedicate its resources accordingly.
There were no Form 483 Inspectional Observations issued during the FDA evaluation of DRAXIS systems.
ICE and CBP supervisory promotion decisions are based on weighted assessments measuring supervisory skills as well as knowledge of investigative and inspectional procedures and laws.

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