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The time and labor required to inspect products using the customer's current manual system were costly; inspections were completed by workers who sat at inspection tables and manually checked the small parts, some of which were less than an inch in diameter, as they moved down a conveyor.
It takes about four to five seconds to inspect a piece of wood using XRF units, increasing sorting times by up to 10 fold; however in this case the efficiency of sorting reaches nearly 100 percent.
In 1906, the Federal Meat Inspection Act directed the FSIS to visually inspect every single carcass on a production line.
Finally, we take this time to inspect the appearance and comportment of the staff.
discussed innovations in the use of robots and vision systems to inspect parts, remove unwanted metal and finish the parts.
Vernier's EdgeWall 8800 enables us to authenticate and inspect these users' devices to protect the network from worms, viruses and other malware threats and to maximize use of the available network resources.
Flynn said he is considering a proposal to deputize volunteers to help inspect shipments.
Organizations are looking for NAC enforcement appliances that can identify and authorize users, validate that they are in compliance, grant them access to specific resources and continually inspect traffic to ensure policy compliance.
The agency has also launched a program, first instituted in Canada, to screen or inspect U.
The CHP's certified technicians will inspect safety seats for wear, age, and any possible recalls and will show parents how to properly install the seats.
With a throughput capacity of up to 40Gbps, the EdgeWall 8800 is the highest performance NAC platform that authenticates, validates and authorizes compliant endpoints, quarantines and remediates infected devices, and continuously inspects traffic for policy compliance.
Customs official at Port of Hueneme, Christopher King inspects a box of Ecuadorean plantains at the port, California's fourth largest.