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The ECHO's Inspirational Teacher of Year, Patrick Robertson of Sacred Heart RC College, with pupils James Cain and Isobelle Carroll
I then want to give the owners of the art the opportunity to share their personal inspirational stories to all my followers and supporters on my social media sites in a form of a video, image or just a plain text message.
The campaign to garner the thoughts of people worldwide in order to compile a comprehensive list of evil and inspirational personalities began with the August 2011 upload of a video entitled: The 30 Most Evil People of All Time Controversy of 2005.
Brian Brayford, of Ashgrove Special School in Penarth, where he has taught for 23 years, was winner of the Inspirational SEN Head category.
uk, with the words Inspirational Women of the Year Entry in the subject field.
New Directions divisional director Gary Williams said: 'They were up against tough opposition and a number of truly inspirational headteachers from across South Wales, but both are deserving recipients of the awards.
Nationally recognized motivational speaker Rene Godefroy says inspirational messages go a long way in changing attitudes and behavior.
Thank you for highlighting Susan Taylor's voice, immeasurable publication achievements and spiritual guidance ("Black Publishing's Inspirational Godmother," November-December 2004).
According to the Times story, following protests from the park's interpretive staff, A Different View was relocated from the natural sciences section of the bookstores to the inspirational reading section--a reasonable category for a book that is explicitly founded on the premise that "the Bible, in its original form, is the inerrant Word of God.
These women are all leaders in their respective communities and inspirational role models for us all.
Among the inspirational speakers, Rabbi Yehuda Levin from New York, a pro-life Rabbi, was particularly noteworthy.
Thomas and Madeleine Kohl, Secondary and Elementary School Educators "This is an inspirational, factual account by the author, on how she lived with and overcame her disability, during the most formative years of her life.