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Hisham Al Rayes, CEO of GFH, said, "We are pleased to announce this agreement with Inspired who has an enviable track record of operating leading premium schools across four continents.
Though the valuation of Inspired comprises the obligations of the company, it does not include transaction costs and the impact of Hydras sponsor shares and conditional on certain closing adjustments.
has nearly acquired Inspired Capital plc following a tender offer, the company said.
God has blessed this project," proclaims 36-year-old Belk, Inspired By's president, CEO and new media guru.
Schrader, seeing him in concert, couldn't help but be inspired.
Without infallibility the Church could never be fully sure that the inspired books were the right ones, or whether there were not other inspired books not yet known to be such.
The life of Mary; queen of Scots, partly because of her three marriages and her execution, has probably inspired more studies than that of her English cousin.
Many individuals have motivated Craig Bowman, executive director of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, but he says he is most inspired by the courageous youth activists he comes across each day.
Inspired has declared the completion of purchase of Merkur Inspired.
Recently, I thought about why his work had inspired my decision to become a photographer.
will spotlight The Beatles, the solo projects of each member, musicians who had inspired the band, and also those who were inspired by them.