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Shakespeare was such a great writer and such a great inspirer of people, helping them to understand the world around them and understand themselves as well in many different ways.
It is a mystical number, the inspirer of dreams and the creator of legends.
We as a nation, both collectively and individually, must acknowledge teachers for the role model and for the inspirer that they have been for us, he observed.
Director of Ullens Centre of Contemporary Art, Beijing; Cultural Curator of Le Meridien hotels worldwide; maker of rock music and inspirer of millions, Jerome Sans is nothing short of an all-rounder when it comes to contemporary art.
He said the US represented "all bad things that have struck the Serbian people, and whose inspirer was, for the large part, Biden".
It was an afternoon which bore all the hallmarks of desperate times calling for desperate measures - but it was Benjamin Disraeli who once said that "desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.
Pourquoi ne pas nous inspirer des traditions culinaires des pays oE l'on sait apprivoiser la chaleur, et s'en faire une alliE[umlaut]e ?
Installation of the control system is taking place as this Inspirer goes to press.
Ce livre inoubliable--avec un apercu historique et des idees pleines d'inspiration de Faith McDonnell, l'une des voix les plus claires qui appellent a la liberte et a la justice au niveau de l'Eglise aujourd'hui--va inspirer les lecteurs de par le monde pour qu'ils prennent note, qu'ils prient et oeuvrent pour mettre fin a cette tragedie.
They met Frank Buchman, the inspirer of this centre of reconciliation, who challenged the Japanese to make their country 'the lighthouse of Asia'.
Even more important, he, the shocker, the inspirer, the perpetual gadfly and disrupter and disturber, had gained the confidence of the astute and judicious statesman who was our Prime Minister.
In the 1970s, he was the inspirer of the Algoma Fall Festival.