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Mon activite s'inscrit dans ce contexte, depuis que j'ai decouvert les ecrits du philosophe russe il y a plus de trente de cela, je n'ai pas arrete de m'en inspirer dans mes essais critiques et par le biais des traductions en arabe de ces livres, j'ai nomme Esthetique de la creation verbale, l'oeuvre de Francois Rabelais et la culture populaire, et Le Freudisme.
Pour terminer, voici une pensee qui pourra vous inspirer durant votre lecture du present numero du Journal:
Quand vous rencontrez un probleme comme celui-ci, vous devez vous inspirer des exemples des autres.
Dans ce message, le Souverain fait part aux membres de la famille du defunt, et a travers eux, a sa grande famille mediatique, notamment a Radio Tanger, et a l'ensemble de ses amis et admirateurs, de Ses vives condoleances et de ses sentiments de sincere compassion, priant le Tout-Puissant de leur inspirer patience et consolation, comme dit dans le Saint Coran: "Seuls ceux qui sont patients seront remuneres sans compter".
He was a fighter and inspirer of the much needed dialogue among religions and cultures," say the two organziations.
He turned out to be an inspirer of infectious curiosity about where things came from, who made them and who invented them, as well as the history of trade, mineral sources and expansion to this present day of trade.
It is the mother of art, inspirer of poet, patriot, and philosopher.
However, it was Disraeli's quote that caught my eye: "Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.
In the last issue of The Inspirer, our company newsletter, we discussed the reasons for utilities to have Demand Charges ($/kW), in addition to energy charges (cents/kWh).
An equally unknown and sybilline lady, claiming to be an aristocrat, surrounded by a court of enigmatic characters, presents herself to the professor as the inspirer of the unfinished portrait by Grand.
Albert Abraham Michelson, a Nobel Prize winner, was a physicist known for his technical accomplishments in measuring the speed of light and for his role as a teacher and inspirer of others.
IN MERSEY | MSC Alyssa, a container vessel coming from Canada and sailing to Belgium; Wec Vermeer, a container vessel coming from Portugal and sailing to Greenland; Arklow Forest, a cargo vessel coming from Ireland; Vos Inspirer, a supply/support vessel; and Med Arctic, a chemical tanker carrying paraffins, coming from Italy and sailing on to Belgium, are all in the Mersey today.