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To test whether the affective prime would affect how individuals perceive their relationship to God, a two-way MANCOVA was conducted on aspects of the INSPIRIT, DSES, SWLS, and RSES using the SAI as a covariate with priming focus (God or parents) and priming affect (positive or negative) as factors.
The market note from Inspirit Energy said that working closely with Utilitywise, their experienced service delivery and management capabilities, will greatly accelerate the introduction of its Stirling Engine based micro-CHP products across the market sector.
With sales of gold rum leaping 29% to [pounds sterling]35m and dark rum up 8% to [pounds sterling]57m [ Nielsen 52w/e 20 March 2010], Mackey recognised rum as an exciting growth area for Global Brands, which also landed the El Dorado and Bundaberg rums in the Inspirit deal.
The researchers hypothesis that both the score of the INSPIRIT and amount of involvement in Campus Ministry would correlate with a higher GPA was incorrect.
but what lives on from that happening, what is conjured from it, how past generations and events occupy the force fields of the present, how they claim us, and how they haunt, plague, and inspirit our imaginations and visions for the future" (150).
Degree of spirituality was assessed using the INSPIRIT survey.
Close inspirit to Italian arte povera or the mytho-poetics of Joseph Beuys and sometimes seeming to anticipate the work of younger artists like Kiki Smith, Simotova's work remains v ery contemporary.
In November, filmmaker Arleigh Prelow of InSpirit Communications will release a documentary titled Howard Thurman: In Search of Common Ground.
Early on, he was enthralled by lines: wide or narrow, voluptuous or austere, liquid or jagged, swooping or twisting, they inspirit each drawing, conveying the nature of the characters he portrays.
In birthday parties and long-distance calls, in storytelling and travel, we inspirit our children.
THE Batley-born founder of leadership and business coaching consultancy Inspirit Learning Partners has been shortlisted as a finalist in two prestigious annual business awards.
This project is one of 15 across Canada to receive a share of $250,000 in funding from the Inspirit Foundation, a charity dedicated to building a more inclusive and pluralistic society in Canada.