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As they neglect the aspect of inspiriting rights, to attend to the hypostatization of legal categories, to find culture and history in the law, becomes the project of the course.
In every generation since 1776, it seems to me, as it seems to Spalding, that whatever America has done (in Alexander Hamilton's lovely and inspiriting phrase) "to vindicate the honour of the human race," we have done because we have been able, in principle and in practice, to answer in the affirmative.
The NRI Achievers award - Gulf Edition was launched by BIB and sponsored by the Government of India with a view towards increasing NRI exposure and inspiriting future generations within India and abroad.
Though the book makes no mention of its indebtedness, Shelley's (not to mention Chandler's) "England in 1819" serves as a kind of inspiriting text here.
The inspiriting Jewish writer Samuel Ullman wrote that "Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old only by deserting their ideals.
Even Sack becomes, in "The Welcome to Sack," an "illustrious spouse" (13) who, in turn, transubstantiates into an inspiriting "genius" (56) and the poet's "best God" (59).
As its subject matter might suggest, the play is not exactly "new," and while its opening just after the last woozy fanfare of a dreary Broadway season is inspiriting, one wonders why it took the play two years to arrive on its home turf after its premiere at London's Royal Court Theater.
While studies like Gordon's landmark Flannery O'Connor: The Obedient Imagination (2000) also read O'Connor's published work in light of her many manuscript versions and report the "conjoin[ing] of fallen humanity with images of women," Prown's distinct contribution is her decision not to subsume O'Connor's anagogical vision in a reinscription of the Manichean view of the female body as awaiting inspiriting by all that is God-like, patriarchal, and male.
It is by no means a uniformly inspiriting saga but there are undoubted highlights and these books suggest how some of them came about.
In the pornography and plagiarism of Acker's Empire of the Senses, Conte finds an inspiriting critique: discipline without anarchy represses and destroys; anarchy with discipline encourages creativity and endurance.
Inspiriting Influences: Tradition, Revision, and Afro-American Women's Novels.