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Regular, partial portion of the same debt, paid at successive periods as agreed by a debtor and creditor.

An installment loan is designed to be repaid in certain specified, ordinarily equal amounts over a designated period, such as a year or a number of months.


noun advance, allotment, contract payyent, deposit, disbursement, dividend, division, down payment, fraction, one of several parts, one of several payyents, one of successive parts, parcel, pars, part payment, part payment of a debt, partial payment, pensio, periodic payment, portio, portion, remittance, section, segment, successive portion, token payment
Associated concepts: installment contract, installment note, installment payments, installment plan, installment sale
See also: advance, binder, collection, component, constituent, deposit, handsel, honorarium, installation, part, payment, pledge, security, segment
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For new direct debit installment agreements, when payments are deducted directly from a taxpayer's bank account, the fee increases from $43 to $52.
Accrual-method taxpayers who sell property in exchange for an installment obligation must treat as part of the amount realized the gross value of all payments to be received on the obligation (less stated and unstated interest, as well as original issue discount, according to regulations section 15a.
Before requesting an installment agreement, taxpayers should consider other, less costly alternatives.
b) in the year 2016 - 300 000,00 PLN (4 installments of 75 000,00 PLN)
Proposed regulations (REG-148576-05, 8/29/06) would increase the user fee charged for installment agreements from $43 to $105.
Over 43,000 taxpayers (possibly as many as 60,000) have received erroneous default notices from the Internal Revenue Service regarding installment payments for the retroactive tax rate increase to high-income individuals due under the Omnibus Reconciliation Reform Act of 1993.
GE Consumer Finance's Retail Sales Finance unit today announced a new multi-year partnership with Polaris, to provide Polaris customers with installment financing for motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and accessory purchases.
The new regulations address the perceived abuses, which included deferral techniques such as accelerating recognition of a net operating loss (NOL) carryover into the first installment period, treating bonus depredation as allocable to the installment period in which the qualifying asset is placed in service, and treating a liability-as incurred in the installment period in which the two-prong all-events test (i.
Since the IRS streamlined the procedure in 1992, the number of taxpayers to request and be granted installment agreements has greatly increased.
NASDAQ:DLLR), a leading international financial services company serving under-banked customers, has recently been advised by the First Bank of Delaware (Bank) that the Bank's primary regulator, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), has communicated with the Bank regarding certain concerns the FDIC has with the Bank's payday and installment loan programs.
2016 - 11 installments each of 2 167,00 PLN and 12 installment of 2 163,00 PLN