installment buying

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In 1952, during the reinstatement of credit restrictions due to the Korean War, CIO secretary treasurer James Carey told the House Banking and Currency Committee that curbs on installment buying "discriminate against small wage-earners" and that Congress should disregard a request by the Truman administration to toughen restrictions and instead do away with Regulation W altogether.
In a Commercial Credit Company publication, economist Clyde Phelps argued that installment buying was "one of the significant factors which influence the American standard of living, level of living, and plane of consumption, which are, in material terms, quantitatively the highest in the world.
The members in the rotating saving and installment buying associations met every last Saturday of the month at 14:00 to 16:00.
Informal credit investigated in this paper included installment buying, rotating savings, credit associations and the lending club.
Calder argues that low rates of loan delinquency and default demonstrate that prudence, saving, and industry survived in the world of installment buying and household credit.