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The major difference is that when a split mirror is initiated, it creates an instantaneous copy of the data, so the data is available immediately.
Clearly, we are dealing with much more than a single instantaneous view.
Whilst bursting discs are usually designed to burst at specific pressures, this new system meets the current need for the instantaneous detection of over/under pressure occurrences within ultra-low pressure systems.
component of the instantaneous single- or three-phase power signal is the quantity calculated or read by the majority of power instruments.
But now, it is a question of extricating ourselves from a ghetto that closes our movements and actions in on themselves, in an effect of instantaneous return, a prodigious (cyber) feedback.
The treatment brought an almost instantaneous calming sleep to the patient.
But various bottlenecks may prevent instantaneous adjustment, such that the household may only succeed in partially adjusting, i.
Switching between programs is virtually instantaneous and usually involves only two key strokes.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Triple Pole Non-Directional Idmt 20/C And 1E/F Cdg61 Self Powered Relay With Instantaneous High Set Unit And Instantaneous Earth Fault Relays.
R(t), and does not depend on spacelike variables; the t-sliced spherical shell is a set of instantaneous points pertaining to a t-sliced hypersurface of simultaneity such that these points are spatially distributed over an t-instantaneous volume enclosed by a t-instantaneous spherical surface with radius R(t)), the reason why the summation index l does not take into account the common factor at the right-hand side of the eqn.
Data acquisition time is instantaneous, so the measurement results are said to be immediate.

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